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Companies on eMAG Marketplace see increases in revenue in their first year of listing.

We strongly believe that, through collaboration and cooperation with our partners, we can contribute to the sustainable development of the Romanian economy. Through eMAG Marketplace, we contribute to the acceleration of the digitalization process of Romanian companies and to the development of online entrepreneurship and we also support the migration of companies to the digital economy.

Launched in 2011, eMAG Marketplace has become the most relevant online sales platform in Romania, offering retailers the opportunity to present their product offer to a solid customer base. The platform is an additional sales channel for businesses that want to expand online. It has been optimized to allow merchants with an established online presence to synchronize their own stores with the platform, automating the commercial flow.

While in 2017 less than 14,000 Romanian merchants were listed on the eMAG Marketplace platforms in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, in 2021, the number more than quadrupled, reaching 62,258 merchants.

eMAG Marketplace brings together businesses from all counties, giving them the opportunity to operate outside their local market and present and sell their products nationally and even abroad. In 2021, the sales of Romanian merchants on the three Marketplace platforms grew on average by 89% compared to 2019, with the merchants fulfilling a total of 13.4 million orders, worth 2.2 billion RON.

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